Sagewood Security Estate – ERF 287


Duplex house half “Plot and Plan” solution on 300 sq.m plot and house
size 285 sq.m. – double garage, 4 bed and 3.5 bath room’s

… from R 3 300 000.00 including VAT

Sagewood Security Estate offers the prudent purchaser the opportunity to purchase in the first single
residential security enclave to be launched in Sandown.

The Estate brings a new level of “security and lifestyle living” along the West Coast. With controlled
access to Parklands Colleges’ Sandown Campus, ownership in  the Sagewood Enclave offers
security with the convenience of education on your doorstep.

To ensure that a high standard of development is established, the design of homes in Sagewood must
be in accordance with the Single Residential Architectural Controls established for the Sandown development.

Sagewood is surrounded by open spaces. An ephemeral pan is situated to the west, land for future
sports fields lies to the north, the fynbos corridor is positioned to the east with Sandown Campus’ playing
fields across the road to the south. Numerous landscaped parks are accommodated within the enclave’s secure perimeter.

Security guards will man the gatehouse and control access to the enclave. The enclave will be enclosed
by a combination of plastered and painted walling with permeable elements where internal roads are
positioned against the perimeter of the enclave and solid walls between the plots and surrounding roads.
Electric fencing will be installed above the perimeter walling.

Pedestrian movement will be controlled at the gatehouse and at the pedestrian gates by way of
access-control measures. Temporary access will be provided for construction- related purposes.